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This HX Stomp patch is designed both as a stand alone HX Stomp worship rig, or at the end of your pedalboard chain (my preference). It is based off of my favorite patch that I use 95% of the time either recording or Sunday morning at church!



This is what you get…

2 stereo HX Stomp patches: 

* one electric guitar worship patch with stock Line 6 cabs

* one electric guitar worship patch with empty impulse response slots (so you can use IR’s that you love!)

***Make sure to adjust the input gain to suit your own pickups on the Stomp! (If you have hotter pickups, make sure to turn down input gain).***


$10.00 Regular Price
$6.00Sale Price
  • The NP WORSHIP HX STOMP patch is designed for HX Stomp users who use the Stomp either as a stand alone rig, or at the end of a pedalboard chain to replace live amps, reverb, and delay. The amps in this patch are based on matchless amps which are my preference when it comes to worship guitar tone. The second patch included in the .zip has two empty impulse response blocks so you can use your favorite IR's along with my preset! My patches are dialed in perfectly for most guitar pickups, however, if you run hotter or cooler pickups, feel free to adjust the input gain on the Stomp so that there is the desired amount of amp breakup. This patch is mix ready!

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